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Adding custom knit engines to RStudio


I'm trying to add a new knit engine with knit_engines$set(). While this works well in general, I could not manage to tell RStudio about it so that it would display the play button (green triangle) on the chunk's top-right corner. I was hoping that RStudio would check knit_engines$get() to see what engines are available but if it did so at all, that happens before I added my new engine.

My new language chunk executes well when I knit the whole document but I can't execute a single chunk like it works with e.g. R chunks.

Alternatively, I tried to have an R chunk which extracts all new-language chunks from that same document and executes them. For this, it would be very useful if an R chunk would know its parent document's name (for parsing the new language chunks).

Ideally this should work in RStudio when executing a single chunk (e.g. with the play button) but also when I knit the entire Rmd document. I checked opts_knit$get() and opts_chunk$get() but could not find the parent document name there.

Thanks for any thoughts,


Axel Facius