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RStudio won't quit when closing Projects on Mac



I have a problem with the latest version (1.0) of RStudio on the Mac (El Capitan), which I also noticed with the Preview version a few weeks ago. It's similar to this issue here (


Basically, when closing a project, RStudio returns to the original RStudio, but the "Project" RStudio will not close and will not respond. Forcing my mac to shut down seems the only way to close it.





Robert Myles McDonnell



Hi Robert,

Sorry to hear you're having trouble! Some follow up questions:

1. Do you see this in all RStudio projects, or only in specific ones?

2. Each project has a (hidden) folder called `.Rproj.user`. If you temporarily move that folder out of the way (e.g. `mv .Rproj.user .Rproj.user.backup from the terminal in that project folder) and re-open RStudio within that project, are you then able to close it?

3. RStudio also stores session state within the `~/.rstudio-desktop` folder. If you move that folder out of the way temporarily (e.g. with `mv ~/.rstudio-desktop ~/.rstudio-desktop-backup`), are you able to successfully close the IDE?

4. Do you only see this when attempting to close a project (ie, explicitly clicking 'Close Project' from the project menu)? Are you able to successfully quit / close the IDE in those projects otherwise?

5. What version of R are you using -- a CRAN binary, or an installation of R retrieved elsewhere?

Any more information you can provide will be helpful here.

Finally, by any chance would you be able to share the project folder wherein the IDE fails to close? If so, can you e-mail a tarball / zipfile to me at kevin <at> rstudio <dot> com? Note that RStudio maintains autosaved backups of files you are editing, so you may not want to share projects containing confidential information.


Kevin Ushey 1 vote

Hi Kevin,


Thanks for your reply. To answer your questions:

1. I see this in all R Projects.

2. Yes!

3. Yes!

4. No, it happens when closing explicitly or not.


> R.Version()
[1] "x86_64-apple-darwin13.4.0"

[1] "x86_64"

[1] "darwin13.4.0"

[1] "x86_64, darwin13.4.0"

[1] ""

[1] "3"

[1] "3.1"

[1] "2016"

[1] "06"

[1] "21"

$`svn rev`
[1] "70800"

[1] "R"

[1] "R version 3.3.1 (2016-06-21)"

[1] "Bug in Your Hair"


I can share the project folders, sure, but like I said, it happens with all projects that I have. But if that would help, I'll share them, no problem.


Thanks again for the help!



Robert Myles McDonnell 0 votes

Hi Robert,

Thanks for responding! It would be useful to see the contents of a sample project where you're seeing this issue; although as you said, since it occurs within all projects, there may be something else going on. Still, it's worth a shot!

You might also want to check whether disabling the 'Save Workspace on Save' option makes a difference, in case that option is enabled.



Kevin Ushey 0 votes