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Online spell-checking - Important feature request for Rmarkdown

Hi there, as I mentioned on twitter this morning, Rmarkdown has the potential to be the go-to paper-writing platform for reproducible research. It would be really helpful if you upgraded your spell-check functionality. I know this isn't sexy, but it's very important if Rstudio wants to become a real platform for writing documents. This means:

  • Online spell-checking with underlining (old feature request). This is critical. Online spell-checking is now enabled in every modern browser, and most of your users will expect it. 
  • Use of OS-specific spell-checkers with better dictionaries. macOS has lots of nice API tools to allow the use of their solid dictionaries.
  • Exclusion of YAML, TeX, and URLs. It's embarrassing that your spell-checker asks about parts of the Rmarkdown YAML specification every time. Same with URLs and TeX code. 
  • Customizability. E.g., the ability to turn on and off repeated word detection. 
Michael Frank

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the feature request -- we've filed this on our internal issue tracker, and we'll see what we can do!


Kevin Ushey 1 vote

Thanks, Kevin! I think this feature will really help cement RStudio as a really good platform for writing reproducible reports.

Michael Frank 0 votes