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Multiple Rstudio server sessions from one user account

Hi guys,

I have seen some questions related to Multiple R sessions from using only one user account with Rstudio Server (Ubuntu 64), but I was wondering about the current status?

Would it be possible with the daily builds?
I am happy to test it would you recommend using daily builds regarding the stability in a university set-up where students are using Rstudio server? Is it really unstable or can they use it - and see what happens? We are happy to help and test the daily builds.

Thanks for the great Rstudio and server functionality!
I am recommending all students to use it for multiple reasons.


Ian Pylvainen

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Thanks for the positive support! This feature is not available for the server version at this time, but the dailies in general are relatively stable for general use. This comes with the caveat that on occasion things will break. In this event, let us know and we usually have it fixed pretty quickly. Alternatively, when we have a build that we feel is rather stable with some new features, we update the "preview" release.

Hope this helps!


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