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Layout Request: have an option to open a script as a separate window (pop-up window)

I love Rstudio, but perhaps the most frustrating part of it is the lack of flexibility in the layout. I know other people have talked about splitting panels or moving panels around, but in my opinion, more importantly is the ability to make scripts separate pop-up windows outside of the main window. The advantages of this are

  1. Currently, it's really impossible for Rstudio to take advantage of the double monitor setup that many programmers have. The one window nature means it really has to stay on one monitor (especially if you have a monitor oriented vertically)
  2. On the opposite end of the spectrum if you have one monitor that is small or you are on a tablet or netbook, even in full screen mode, you can't both see 80 characters of text in a line of code and a reasonable plot size in the plotting panel at the same time. You have to keep on adjusting the size of your panels, which is much slower than switching between windows (not to mention re-sizing the plotting window causes delays).

This option would also solve the split screen complaints people have. For example if they wanted to have two scripts visible at all times, they could have one in a new window and one in the scripts section of the console.

Keep up the good work at Rstudio, you guys are awesome, but I really hope this is a top priority in the next release.

Ian Pylvainen

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I'd like to add my vote for the ability to customize panes. I've tried using RStudio a couple of times but have gone back to Tinn-R because I want my source code and console on different screens. I'd use RStudio if there was a way to undock the source editor.


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