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plot zoom dragged on main window makes RStudio unusable

First I wanna say: I am so thankful for your wonderful API. It enables me a wunderfol workflow in R programming!

I just did something that resulted in the loss of my workspace data and is easily reproducable:

On Ubuntu 12.04:
If I create a plot and klick the zoom button to open the window with a larger view. If I then drag the plot image from the larger view and drop it onto the main window, the image gets opened in this main window and the pane view disappears (see attached image). The menu is still there but only with a few entries and no entry that brings me back to the original pane view. I can't save my session either. So I have to close the program unsaved.

The easiest thing would be: "don't drag the Zoom image onto the main window". But I did it accidently and probably will do it again by accent. And then again my session data will be lost. So maybe changing something in the program would be good...

Thanks a lot for all your work,

Ian Pylvainen



The same problem on Windows XP, RSTudio Version 0.97.551.

In my case, hitting Backspace on the keyboard refreshes R Studio windows and restores it back to normal.

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Hi Nanu and Andrew,

Thanks for the feedback -- we're able to reproduce this and this is definitely a bug in RStudio. For now, just use Andrew's suggestion of hitting Backspace to get back to the main RStudio window if this happens again and we'll see what we can do to fix this going forward.

Thanks again,

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I also have this issue, and I seem to do it repeatedly (> 1 per month). Perhaps it isn't a problem for those working with two screens? If this is any easy fix it would be so nice to see it remedied :)



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