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(1) RStudio is great. I love it. I recommend it to everyone.
(2) How can I retrieve the last command in the console without moving my hands off the home row? Call me crazy, but this is a major reason that I don't use RStudio more often.
(3) Why do control-p and control-n not work in the console? These keys work everywhere else in Mac OS (including MS Outlook!!) Also, control-u, control-f, control-b, control-a and control-b all work in RStudio console. I am so confused!!

I beg you, end my suffering!

P.S. I also run RStudio server (in chrome). Is there a single solution that works both in server/chrome and mac os desktop?

Ian Pylvainen




Thanks for the feedback and the progression of this is interesting. Originally we were not able to override Ctrl+p and Ctrl+n since this meant print and new tab respectively in standard web browsers. Note that RStudio is also designed to work over the web. We then switched editors and use Ace, another open source project, and got Ctrl+p to be used for brace/parentheses matching in the source editor. However for the console, Ace is not integrated, but we do have plans to eventually do this which will give us more freedom.

Finally, we also eventually plan to allow customization of keyboard shortcuts in which you could then set this as you wish. Unfortunately, this isn't available now, but I'll chalk up another request on our feature suggestion list.


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Yes, I would really like control P and control N to work in the console to scroll through the history. This is so automatic to me from years of Emacs and MacOS X. thanks.

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