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launch project in new window from recent projects list

Currently, when I want to launch a project in a new window/session I go to:
Project > Open Project in New Window ...

and am presented with an Open file dialog to point to a .Rproj file.

I think it would quite handy to have the option to launch a project in a new window directly from the recent projects list (upper right hand corner of the ui) for the following reasons:

  • Sometimes my .Rproj files are buried quite deeply (enough so that I have trouble remember where they are)
  • The Recent Projects list is a natural place for me to go to to get to projects I'm actively working on
Ian Pylvainen



Couldn't agree more. Being able to launch recent projects from the list in a new window would be an excellent addition. Can be really painful to sift through the computer to find the right project.

Brandon Bertelsen 0 votes

I came here to post the same feature request -- this would be great if, for example, option-clicking on a project in the recent project list could open it in a new window ...

Steve Lianoglou 0 votes