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R Studio Server "session hadabend"

I am system administrator supporting about 50 scientists working with R Studio. On a regular basis they complain about "RStudio [Server] crashing". Sure enough, I see the following message in the log (side note, it's a very bad idea to write application messages to the system message log - but you probably know that):

Apr 4 13:22:52 servername rsession-username[28142]: ERROR session hadabend; LOGGED FROM: core::Error<unnamed>::rInit(const r::session::RInitInfo&) /root/rstudio/src/cpp/session/SessionMain.cpp:1373

The user gets an error popup saying that R Session disconnected. No errors in Apache logs.

Any ways to troubleshoot this? Happens couple times a day (across 50 people, not twice a day for each). We are running RStudio 0.96 and R 2.15.2

Ian Pylvainen




Thanks for reporting this. I manage our own internal servers and this does happen on occasion often from R itself crashing, or occasionally RStudio crashing. Although in most cases it's harmless, I understand the desire to track this down and understand what is going on. Really the only way to investigate this would be to turn on core dumps (this is what we do).

To get core dumps working you need to create a directory with appropriate permissions and change the kernel core pattern:

We can't really provide too much help on how to do this for your system, but the above links should point you in the right direction.


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I am getting this error too: any updates on this case?

02 Mar 2017 20:04:30 [rsession-robinsam] ERROR session hadabend
Clustered configuration of RStudio Server Pro
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rm -r .rstudio
sudo rstudio-server suspend-all

worked for me. I first also moved .RData to a separate folder and upgraded the rstudio server. However, still the problem remained.

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