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Roxygen and DESCRIPTION file


I wrote a file with Roxygen tags describing my package. I called this file mypackage-package.R and saved it in /R along with the other .R files required by my future package. I would like the file mypackage-package.R to be used in the package creation process to create the DESCRIPTION file of my package.

Now when I do "Build -> Roxygenize" in RStudio, I get this under the Build window pane:

ERROR: The build directory does not contain a DESCRIPTION
file so cannot be built as a package.

Build directory: E:/Dropbox/Private/R/Packages/mypackage

And if I do "load all", it creates a DESCRIPTION file but this file doesn't include the information from mypackage-file.R. Is there something else I should know and do in order for this to work?

In RStudio build options, I checked all the checkboxes under "Generate documentation with Roxygen -> Configure...". I didn't change any of the default values for R CMD INSTALL, R CMD check and R CMD build (only parameter is "--no-multiarch" for Build and Reload).

Thanks for your help!

Guillaume Drolet

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Hi Guillaume,

This is actually a question about using Roxygen2 rather than RStudio; I suggest you post this as a question to the Roxygen2 GitHub ( and see if they're able to help you there.


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