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Gurobi with R studio server - license issue

I am running the R library gurobi on a ubuntu server.

It works perfectly from a text window.

And eventually, after applying this fix (see my solution in that thread), library(gurobi) loads successfully from R studio server.

But I just hit a new issue. Gurobi relies on a license file.  From stand-alone R, there is no issue, as the license file location is given in ~/.bashrc. and it is found.

From R studio server it returns this error:

Error in grb_solve(filename, rows, cols, obj, modelsense, modelname, objcon,  : 
  Error 10009: No Gurobi license found (user <username>, host <hostname>, hostid 55162b47, sockets 2)

Has anyone experienced / solved this error?

Your help would be much appreciated!


Dan Rosauer