Configuring RStudio Server Pro with SAML and OneLogin


As of version 1.4, RStudio Server Pro can authenticate to your SAML IdP. RStudio Server Pro is a registered app with OneLogin. This means that if you use OneLogin for your SSO provider, it should be easy to configure RStudio Server Pro.

In order to configure OneLogin with RStudio Server Pro:

  1. Navigate to your OneLogin administrator portal. 
  2. Under the Applications tab, click New App in the upper right corner.
  3. Search for and click on RStudio Server Pro.
  4. Add any configuration details (Display Name, Description) you choose and click Save.
  5. Add the address of your RStudio Server Pro server under the Configuration tab.
    1. For example, for the RStudio Demo Server at, the server address would be Note there is no trailing slash.
  6. Copy the Issuer URL under the SSO tab.
  7. Add any users you wish to have access to RStudio Server Pro under the Access tab.
  8. Add the following to the config file (/etc/rstudio/rserver.conf) on your RStudio Server Pro.
; /etc/rstudio/rserver.conf
auth-saml-metadata-url=<Issuer URL from step 6>

     9. Restart RStudio Server Pro with sudo systemctl restart rstudio-server.

Any user who has been provisioned on the server should now be able to login.

Please see the RStudio Server Pro Admin guide for general instructions on configuring RStudio Server Pro with SAML.

Provisioning Users

RStudio Server Pro requires that each user has a corresponding user on the underlying Linux server. SAML can only be used for user authentication in RStudio Server Pro.  

You can provision the Linux users manually, or by joining to an LDAP/Active Directory domain. 

Running with a Proxy

If you are running RStudio Server Pro behind a proxy, further configuration is required to allow the SAML IdP to redirect back to RStudio Server Pro after authenticating users. Usually, setting the X-RStudio-Request header is sufficient.

Please see the RStudio Server Pro Admin guide for more details.