Troubleshooting Launcher and Slurm in RStudio Server Pro


Verifying Slurm cluster functionality

To verify that your Slurm cluster is functional and accepting/running jobs, you can perform the pre-flight configuration checks documented in the steps for Configuring RStudio Server Pro with Launcher and Slurm.


Verifying RStudio Server Pro with Launcher and Slurm

Run the following command to test the installation and configuration of RStudio Server Pro with Launcher and Slurm:

sudo rstudio-server stop
sudo rstudio-server verify-installation --verify-user=<USER>
sudo rstudio-server start

Replace <USER> with a valid username of a user that is setup to run RStudio Server Pro in your installation.

Refer to the Troubleshooting section in the RStudio Server Pro Administration Guide for more information on using the Launcher verification tool.


General troubleshooting

The logs for RStudio Server Pro and Launcher can be found at:

  • /var/lib/rstudio-server/monitor/log/rstudio-server.log
  • /var/lib/rstudio-launcher/rstudio-launcher.log
  • /var/lib/rstudio-launcher/Slurm/rstudio-slurm-launcher.log

You can inspect these logs for errors after attempting to launch a session or job on Slurm.