RStudio Connect Custom Landing Page


This article is based on this section of the administrator's guide.

Custom Landing Page Configuration 

It is possible to specify a custom landing page that your anonymous/logged-out users will see when they visit Connect.

Use the Server.LandingDir configuration setting to specify the path to a custom landing page. If you do not specify an absolute path, the server will resolve the path starting at your Connect server installation directory (probably /opt/rstudio-connect).

Include all assets (JavaScript, CSS, images, etc.) for your custom landing page in the directory you specified in the Server.LandingDir configuration setting. Be sure to include an index.html, which will be served by default.

Example Landing Page

See the /opt/rstudio-connect/examples/landing-page directory for an example custom landing page. You can enable this example landing page by adding the following configuration setting and restarting the Connect server.

; /etc/rstudio-connect/rstudio-connect.gcfg
LandingDir = examples/landing-page


Screenshot: RStudio Connect running the example custom landing page