Getting started with RStudio Team



RStudio Team is a bundle of professional software products that offers convenience, simplicity, and savings to organizations using R and RStudio at scale. 

If you are ready to start installing, consider following the RStudio Team Installation, Configuration, and Integration Checklist.

Example Configuration




RStudio Team is used by data scientists and by those who consume their work. Authentication configuration. Load balancing. All RStudio professional products can be configured to load balance across two or more nodes. 

  • RStudio Server Pro
  • RStudio Connect
  • RStudio Package Manager

Features, commercial license, support. Collaboration, centralized management, metrics, security, and commercial support

  • Authentication
  • Access and security
  • Advanced server management
  • Load balancing
  • Auditing and monitoring
  • Data connectivity
  • Advanced R session management
  • Multiple versions of R
  • Multiple R sessions
  • Security?
  • CI/CD?


Product Extras


RStudio Server Pro also allows you to run RStudio sessions and ad-hoc R scripts within your already existing cluster workload managers, such as Kubernetes. See the Launcher for more information.  

RStudio Professional Drivers

Our products connect to some of the most common data sources via RStudio Professional Drivers.



These lightweight servers distribute floating licenses to RStudio products. Floating licensing is appropriate for licensing RStudio products running in ephemeral or virtual containers or environments. Using floating licensing, it’s possible to securely license products in these environments without needing to manually activate with a license key, and it’s also unnecessary to make sure the key gets deactivated. The license is used only while the product is actively running.

Staging servers

We strongly recommend using staging servers to test changes to your computing environment and to test applications before deployment. A staging server mitigates issues associated with administering production environments. Staging servers are offered as an optional purchase for standard licenses and are included in enterprise licenses.

Integration with external systems

Spark, TensorFlow, databases, solutions.