Upgrading RStudio Package Manager


Upgrading RStudio Package Manager requires limited downtime. During an upgrade users will not be able to install packages. We recommend upgrading during a period of downtime.

The latest version is available on the download page along with release notes. The current version is available by running:

cat /opt/rstudio-pm/VERSION

To upgrade:

  1. Download the latest .rpm or .deb file
  2. Run the install command:


    sudo gdebi <rstudio-pm-version.deb>

    Red Hat/CentOS:

    sudo yum install --nogpgcheck <rstudio-pm-version.rpm>


    sudo zypper --no-gpg-checks install <rstudio-pm-version.rpm>

The new version of RStudio Package Manager will install on top of an earlier installation. Existing configuration settings are respected. During installation the RStudio Package Manager service is restarted.