Can I use RStudio IDE on macOS Sierra?


Yes, but after you have updated your machine to macOS Sierra, there are a few things you will need to check.

Ensure that command line tools are installed

Some updates to macOS Sierra will actually uninstall a previous set of command line tools, so you may need to reinstall them. This can typically done from the command line with:

xcode-select --install # install + update Xcode
/usr/bin/clang --version # may prompt to update + install command line tools
/usr/bin/git --version # may prompt to update + install command line tools

If the calls to /usr/bin/clang --version and /usr/bin/git --version simply print the program's version name and exit, then your tools should be installed properly.

This should allow you to build packages from source on macOS Sierra, and view the Git pane in the RStudio IDE.


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