Customizing the RStudio Server Pro Login Page


You can customize the content and appearance of the RStudio Server sign-in page by including custom HTML within the page. This is accomplished by either:

1. Providing a file at /etc/rstudio/login.html that includes additional HTML to include within the login page; or

2. Specifying the auth-login-page-html option within /etc/rstudio/rserver.conf file which points to an alternate location for the login HTML file. For example, the following specifies that the file located at /opt/config/rstudio-login.html should be included within the login page:



The contents of the specified HTML file will be included after the standard login header and login username/password form. If you want to modify the appearance of the header and/or add content above the username/password form you can use CSS and JavaScript within your login.html file to modify the page after it loads.


The login screen was modified to change the banner color, add a logo, and modify the submission form.

To accomplish this, the following html was added to /etc/rstudio/login.html:

<script type="text/javascript">
var logo = document.createElement("img");
logo.setAttribute("height", "36px");
logo.setAttribute("width", "36px");
logo.setAttribute("style", "float: right;");

var cap = document.getElementById("caption");
cap.innerHTML = "Sign into RStudio with Windows Credentials";

#banner {background-color: #273d5f;}
#caption {border-bottom-color: #273d5f;}

Note that the logo was located in /usr/lib/rstudio-server/www/images