Scheduling emailed reports in RStudio Connect


Scheduling reports

Note: RStudio Connect is in beta, so these instructions are subject to change.

To schedule reports to be run and/or emailed in RStudio Connect, please follow these instructions:

  • Publish the document you wish to schedule to RStudio Connect. Note that it must have the following properties:
    • It must be a R Markdown document
    • You must choose “Publish Source Code” when deploying your document
    • The document cannot be scheduled if it contains Shiny components*
  • Once you have uploaded your document, go to RStudio Connect, open the document, then choose the Output tab
  • Select “Schedule output”
  • Select the schedule output, start date, and frequency you prefer.
  • Select the “Send email after update” option
    • Note that only Viewers of the document will receive scheduled emails

  • Click Save


* If the report uses Shiny components, is is treat as a "Shiny Report," which is run interactively just like a Shiny application.  Therefore, it cannot be scheduled automatically since it is interactive by nature and requires user input.