Managing professional licenses in AWS


Many customers who user our professional products use them with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our license manager will work seamlessly to activate your license keys in the cloud. But if you terminate a server instance and then create a new server instance in AWS you may experience difficulties activating your license key with the new server.

If you are terminating and starting a new server instance frequently in AWS, we recommend you deactive the license before the server shuts down using the Shiny Server Pro license manager. This process will alert the RStudio license manager that the license is available to be associated with a new server.

If deactivating the license at shutdown is not an option, then RStudio can grant you a license key with a long trial extension. Please contact RStudio for more information.

Note that at this time our license manager does not fully support the use of Docker with our Pro products. For more info on using our pro products with Docker, please contact RStudio support.