Blank screen on login in RStudio Server Pro 0.99.800+


If you have recently updated or installed RStudio Server Pro 0.99.800+, you may see an issue where users get a blank or white screen after logging in. This may be due to a current bug with RStudio Server Pro that we're working to resolve. In the meantime, there are two possible workarounds:

  1. Try having users log in with their usernames in lowercase and see if that works
  2. If not, try downgrading to our last stable release - 0.99.489. See below for links:

Ubuntu/Debian (32-bit)

Ubuntu/Debian (64-bit)

RedHat/Fedora 6+ (32-bit)

RedHat/Fedora 6+ (64-bit)

RedHat/Fedora 5 (32-bit)

RedHat/Fedora 5 (64-bit)


If neither of these work for you, please let us know by opening a support ticket.