Emacs Editor Keybindings in the RStudio IDE


You can enable Emacs keybindings within the RStudio IDE from the Code section of the Global Options dialog:

A base set of Emacs keybindings for navigation and selection are available, including:

  • C-p, C-n, C-b and C-f to move the cursor up, down left and right by characters

  • M-b, M-f to move left and right by words

  • C-a, C-e to navigate to the start, or end, of line;

  • C-k to ‘kill’ to end of line, and C-y to ‘yank’ the last kill,

  • C-s, C-r to initiate an Emacs-style incremental search (forward / reverse),

  • C-Space to set/unset mark, and C-w to kill the marked region.

There are some additional keybindings that Emacs Speaks Statistics (ESS) users might find familiar:

  • C-c C-v displays help for the object under the cursor,

  • C-c C-n evaluates the current line / selection,

  • C-x b allows you to visit another file,

  • M-C-a moves the cursor to the beginning of the current function,

  • M-C-e moves to the end of the current function,

  • C-c C-f evaluates the current function.

We've also introduced a number of keybindings that allow you to interact with the IDE as you might normally do in Emacs:

  • C-x C-n to create a new document,

  • C-x C-f to find / open an existing document,

  • C-x C-s to save the current document,

  • C-x k to close the current file.


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    Clark Richards

    This is a happy day! Thank you for adding this!

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    Clark Richards

    Thanks again for adding emacs keybindings. A couple things I've noticed:

    • the "undo" keybinding is only bound to C-x u. My fingers know one of the other aliases, C-S-_ (I like it because it doesn't require consecutive key hits), but when I tried modifying the shortcut, it doesn't work. In fact, after changing the "Undo" shortcut to C-S-_ and then closing and opening the preference pane, my custom shortcut gets changed to Ctrl+Shift+Insert

    • I've noticed an inconsistency with killing and yanking lines, i.e. doing C-k followed by C-y. In Emacs, consecutive applications of C-k will keep adding to the kill ring (provided no other command interrupts the killing), so that C-y will yank them all back together. For example, I might use C-k to kill 3 consecutive lines, and then yank them all back with a single C-y. However, in RStudio, only the last killed line gets saved to the kill ring.

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    Kevin Ushey

    Hi Clark,

    Thanks for the feedback! I'll see what's going on re: the remapping from _ to Insert.

    The kill + yank behaviour is also currently suboptimal; the 'kill ring' is not yet fully implemented. We mostly borrow this functionality from the Emacs mode that's bundled with the Ace editor (, but I'll see if we can either patch RStudio to implement this or else get changes adopted upstream in Ace as well.


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    Wenjian Yang
    This is very helpful. Thanks!! However, on Windows OS, the Alt key does not work as the Meta key. For example, "M-f" (Alt-f) will open the "File" menu instead of moving forward by word. Is there anyway to use Alt as Meta in Windows? Using 0.99.837. Thanks.
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    William Murrah

    I love the emacs keybindings, but C-f opens the find pane inside the editor instead of moving the point forward. I there a way to change that?

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    Kevin Ushey

    Hi William,

    Thanks for pointing this out -- I've logged an issue internally and we'll try to get this fixed soon.


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    Jonathan Steinhart


    RStudio was already such a big leap up in productivity for me from Emacs/ESS that I have been using it almost exclusively for some time; but this was the one gripe I still had (old habits dying hard and all). Thanks so much for actually implementing this!

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    Jared Studyvin

    C-c C-n does NOT evaluate the current line/section, in fact C-c does not seem to be working at all. I'm using the current version of rStudio. C-r does evaluate the line but that should be search in reverse for emacs keybindings.

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    Kevin Ushey

    Hi Jared,

    Thanks for reporting the issue -- we'll investigate what's going on.


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    ethan xu

    THANK YOU! I remembered asking for emacs key bindings in 2014 JSM at RStudio booth. It's finally here:)

    Will full custom key settings happen in the future?

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    Jonathan Gilligan

    On Windows, what key acts as "meta"? Neither "alt" nor "esc" seem to work as meta.

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    Elpo Ghash

    Ubuntu 16.10 "M-b, M-f to move left and right by words" don't work, as they open the Build and File menus. Would it be possible to fix this?