RStudio Server - Log-in and User Authentication Problems


If users are unable to log-in to RStudio Server, please reference the following:

Privileged accounts

RStudio prohibits signing in with a user id below 100. Make sure your user id is above this threshold.

Limitations of PAM authentication

If you are using PAM to authenticate users, note that the open-source version of RStudio does not currently implement the PAM Session API. If your PAM configuration requires this, it will not work as expected (for example, if you are using the PAM Session API to mount home directories from an NFS share). You can gain access to these features by upgrading to the Pro version of RStudio Server (see here for more information). 

Other Log-in Problems

If users are still unable to log-in to RStudio Server, open a new discussion here and provide any relevant details as noted below:

System information

  • Version of RStudio
  • Output from sessionInfo() in standard R console

Error information

  • General description
  • Error messages
  • Log files (See here)
  • Attempted steps taken to fix
  • Have users successfully logged-in to RStudio Server in the past?

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