RStudio Workbench / RStudio Server Will Not Start


If RStudio Workbench (previously RStudio Server Pro) or RStudio Server will not start after installation, please reference the following:

Verify installation

To ensure that RStudio has installed correctly, run the verify-installation command:

$ sudo rstudio-server verify-installation

If you are unable to resolve any outputted errors and you are a Pro customer, send them (in addition to older application logs) in a new support request with the details of your system.
(see Other Start-Up Problems below). Otherwise, you can try asking for help on our forums at

Check the version of R

RStudio requires R 2.11.1 (or higher) to run. Make sure your current installation meets this requirement. See our download page for additional details.

R built from source

If you built R from source, you need to ensure that it was built with the --enable-R-shlib configuration option.

Check where R is installed

RStudio will search for your installation of R in the traditional locations, such as


If R is not installed in these locations, RStudio may not be able to find it. See this article here for more details.

AppArmor issues on Ubuntu

On Ubuntu systems, RStudio Workbench runs under an AppArmor profile which may be restricting access to its processes. To resolve this, you can either add this location to your AppArmor profile or disable AppArmor entirely. Note that disabling AppArmor is not recommended for security reasons.

The RStudio AppArmor profile (Ubuntu only) is located at:


Modify the RStudio AppArmor profile (example lines below), with the correct location of the R executable and R home directory

/usr/bin/R rix, 
/usr/lib64/R/ r,
/usr/lib64/R/** rmix,

To activate these changes, reload AppArmor with the following command:

$ sudo invoke-rc.d apparmor reload

To permanently disable the RStudio AppArmor profile use the following commands:

$ sudo ln -s /etc/apparmor.d/rstudio-server /etc/apparmor.d/disable/
$ sudo apparmor_parser -R /etc/apparmor.d/rstudio-server

Additional documentation on AppArmor can be found here.

Check firewall and proxy settings

RStudio needs access to port 8787. Ensure there are no network settings or (software-based) firewalls blocking access to this port.

Restarting the server

After making changes to the server or upgrading the version of R, you will need to restart the server with the following:

$ sudo rstudio-server restart

Other Start-Up Problems

If you are still unable to start RStudio Workbench, open a new discussion and provide any relevant details as noted below:

System information

  • Version of RStudio
  • Output from sessionInfo() in standard R console

Error information

  • General description
  • Error messages
  • Log files (See here)
  • Attempted steps taken to fix
  • Have you successfully launched RStudio Workbench in the past?

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