Getting Help with R


If you have a specific R related question, here are some quick resources to help you find an answer:

  • RStudio's online training guide:
    RStudio has curated links and sources for learning R and its extensions, including links to online and in-person courses for structured learning.
  • RSeek meta search engine -
    The RSeek meta search engine, provides a unified interface for searching the various sources of online R information. If an answer to your question is already available online, RSeek can help you locate it.

  • Stack Overflow -
    The R tag on Stack Overflow is becoming an increasingly important resource for seeking answers to R related questions. You can search the R tag in general, or refine your search to another tag such as ggplot2 or sweave.

  • R-help mailing list -
    R-help list archives -
    The R-help mailing list is a very active list with questions and answers about problems and solutions using R. Before posting to the list, it is recommended to search the list archives to see if an answer already exists.

  • CrossValidated Q&A community -
    For more statistics related questions, the CrossValidated Q&A community is a great resource with lots of R users active on the site.