Using RStudio Server Pro on SELinux


RStudio Server Pro does not work out of the box on a system with SELinux enabled. A pragmatic solution is to grant the blocked applications more permissions.

First disable SELinux and restart RStudio Server

sudo setenforce 0
sudo rstudio-server restart

Login to RStudio Server, create a session, do something in R, ...
List all the things that would have been blocked:

sudo sealert -l "*"

Typically rserver , rstudio-launcher and rworkspace cause problems, but there might be others as well. Easiest solution is to allow everything that has been blocked, e.g.

sudo ausearch -c 'rserver-launche' --raw | audit2allow -M my-rserverlaunche
sudo semodule -i my-rserverlaunche.pp

These commands are also listed in the output of sealert . Sometimes you have to repreat this multiple times. Using

sudo semodule -l

you can check that the correct policy is installed.

Finally re-enable SELinux and restart RStudio Server

sudo setenforce 1
sudo rstudio-server restart